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Let us help you grow your resume! At Chick-fil-A Oshkosh we want to help you develop both professional and personal skills. 

Our Internship program is an excellent opportunity for individuals who desire careers in entrepreneurship, business, culinary, or hospitality. Interns start as a Team member or a Shift Leader, and are given the responsibility of overseeing a specific area of the business. Depending on their performance in the program, participants may be offered a long-term position in leadership within our organization.

Below are some of our Internships available for the upcoming semester/year.


Perfect for Marketing or Business Majors

The purpose of this role is to publish on brand content in a professional and innovative way. Job Responsibilities: -collaborating on our social media calendar - capturing and creating content - scheduling posts - engaging on social media platforms Goals: - Capture and post 5-6 days of content every week - Increase Social Media followers - Increase Social Media Reach - Increase Accounts engaged


Perfect for Business Majors

The purpose of this role is to ensure team members are consistently serving safe and quality food while maintaining the speed of service that guests have come to know and expect. Job Responsibilities: -Tracking and Managing Food Cost Process - Quality Assessments - Maintaining Change Fund - Developing Team Members Goals: - Food Quality Goals are achieved - Quality Assessments are done once a day and focus areas are set weekly - Food Cost Goal is achieved - Create a culture of encouragement, quality and urgency


Perfect for Human Resources or Business Majors

The purpose of this role is to increase number of staff and to take care of our current team. Job Responsibilities: - Recruiting (including planning and executing recruiting events) - Updating Records - Maintaining job postings - Overseeing the Orientation process Goals: - Increase number of applicants - Increase number of new hires - Plan and execute 1 recruiting event every month - Maintaining Employee Records


Perfect for Marketing or Business Majors

The purpose of this role is to create and maintain our Partnerships with local schools, teams, etc. Job Responsibilities: -Tracking and Managing Marketing budget - Maintaining current Partnerships - Creating new partnerships - Collaborating on store events Goals: - Stay within Marketing Budget while maximizing Community Outreach - Creating, planning and executing store events - Understanding and improving current Partnerships - Improving awareness of the Chick-fil-A brand as well as our store


Perfect for Nursing, Coaching, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Business Majors, etc

The purpose of this role is to grow and develop your personal and professional leadership skills by understanding and coaching our team. Job Responsibilities: - Develop Team Members - Understanding the Chick-fil-A Culture and Goals - Oversee and Coach specific Team Members Goals: - Develop Team Members -Understanding and executing great Leadership Skills

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